Campa Cavallo

by De-Esser

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Rowan Gorgeous, well thought out lyrics. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this album, I really love the whole atmosphere and style of songs and recording. I am excited to hear more! Favorite track: Oh Lord, I Have Not Seen My Brother.
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released January 12, 2016


all rights reserved



De-Esser Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Distance
You wanted distance
and so I became distance
I gave the vastness
and the depth of me to you

You wanted silence
and so I became silence
I gave the muted hush
of what I was to you

You wanted nothing
and so I became nothing
I gave the absence
that I had become to you
Track Name: Self
Do you need a reason for leaving yourself behind
Who exactly do you owe your answer
And was it like a murder, did you have a trail to hide
Did you put up a fight
Or did you just accept that it was time

And did you have to bury yourself deep inside your mind
did you plant your doubts inside that fertile soil
and are you ever haunted by the parts of you that died
do they keep you up at night
whispering in your ear that they were right

do you both to reply
or do you let silence say your goodbyes

does anyone come asking for the you that used to be
is anybody saddened by your passing
do they start telling jokes
that don't have any more meaning
do they make a seance out of conversation
Track Name: Radio
I tune the radio
between the stations
and listen to the cracking hum
of all the space between
the fragile, finite things
with tangibility
the distance always growing
the void is widening
the infinite somehow expands
and all our burning
and all our yearning
doesn't mean that there's an answer or a plan

but I can't hear it
silence eludes me
I just hear ringing in my ears
and in the dark I
see little beams of like
as if true absence
is too much for me to bear

so I sit quiet
look for a message
a signal painted
up in the stars
a little guidance
along my short path
around the sun and back
yet hardly move at all

but I can't read it
the words elude me
I just seen frozen beams of light
little reminders
that we are travelers
with no destination in sight
Track Name: Creature
I am a creature
posing as a man
I've been scared for my whole life
someone would see what I really am
so I've been trying to be funny
and I've been trying to be cool
but I don't think that I ever really fooled you

You and I have always wanted to see
the world change
you've been out there doing something
I've been bottling my rage
but I'm a molotov cocktail, baby
and my rags are burning low
and I will follow you wherever you may go

And the strangest thing
is happening to me
I can't feel anything at all
and your voice bores holes
inside my brain
and they scream out like a sirens song

saying you're good enough for me babe,
and that's about all.

to celebrate the revolution
we went drinking in the woods
and we set fire to everything
that we possibly could
and the fire consumed all it saw
the evil and the good
and before i burned
I felt pure


saying you weren't good enough for me babe,
after all.
Track Name: Awful Lot of Money
My girl says that she will never leave me
and true and honest, she held to her word
she waited until I was fast asleep and
held a pillow to my breath and watched me squirm

and now she's got an awful lot of money
now she's got everything that she needs
and now she's got a real sweet new honey
who swears to her that he will never leave

he waited long enough to duck suspicion
he stayed with her as long as he could stand
and tried to make her slip over the railing
look as if it was just an accident

and now he's got an awful lot of money
now he's got everything that he needs
and now he's got a real sweet new honey
who swears to him that she will never leave

she always asked to come when he was hunting
but he never wanted her to come along
until finally one day he let her join him
and all the boys from the ol' country club

but those boys sure do like a bit of drinking
and those boys all do know each others wives
so who's to ever guess what really happened
on the night he took a bullet to the eye

(chorus ad nauseam)
Track Name: Oh Lord, I Have Not Seen My Brother
Oh lord, I have not seen my brother
I've been tending my field of grain
oh lord, did you like
the beautiful sight
of my fields all a burstin' into flames

Oh lord, I have not seen my brother
he must be out tending his flock
if you have not seen
his sheep flayed and burning
then I guess lord that he must have forgot

Oh lord, I have not seen my brother
why must you keep pestering me?
I've been busy at work
sitting here in the dirt
and I'm trying my best, lord, to please

Oh lord, I have not seen my brother
and lord if you really must know
the blood on my hands
comes from digging a path
through the weeds to play seeds come tomorrow

Oh lord I have not seen my brother
and I don't expect I'll see him soon
for I am not his keeper, lord
to know where he might wander
lord, he's probably lost because he's a fool

Oh lord, I admit I'm a liar
I know where dear Abel has been
he went off with that snake
to the firey lake
and he's never coming back here again
Track Name: Promised
I've been riding shotgun from Topeka to LA
living on the bounty of the sun
stopped to watch the burning
of the dusty, barren plane
stopped to watch the rivers turn to blood
well the promised land is there beneath the mud

You'd been driving eighteen hours
you were wide awake
chewing' your lip, teething at your gums
spitting your contempt
out at the loathsome old highway
silent as an angel sent to judge
and I remember why we're still in love

and Denver never seemed to be
a home to me
until we passed straight through
but in the rearview mirror
it looked clearer
than any home that I knew
shining in the heat
of midnight on the deepest day of June

We drove straight through Cedar City
and right on through St. George
and never even bothered slowing down
you were in a rush
and Vegas didn't look like much
you said the desert wasn't meant
to be so loud
and you were craving California now

The ocean stretched before us
it was something you and I had never seen
well I said I'm not impressed
I've been the whole world twice over on my t.v.
but you were quiet as death
and turned your back on me to face the sea

and I'm back home again
as if I never even left
settling back in my old routine
but you had been possessed
by the spirit of the west
and you never find the time to visit me
and I wish that you'd come home
to all the dust that used to make us happy
I said I wish that you'd come home
to everything that used to make us happy
Track Name: Tobacco
My baby rolls her own tobacco
she cuts her own clothes into shape
hammered the rings on her fingers
subsists on canvas and paint

hardly believes in the devil
wakes up in his bed every day
whispers his name when she's sleeping
calls out his name when she wakes

she builds herself anew each day
with blood and bone and bruise and vein

my baby make-believes in angels
calls them to rescue the day
she finger paints them onto windows
whenever it starts to rain

he drinks to the base of the bottle
with a nose full of cocaine
calls her a casual lover
treats her in casual ways

she knows that I love her
that I would take her away
but she always refuses
the devil always gets his way

she paints the bruises on her face
and practices what he said to say
Track Name: Dandelions
I know the right words would bring you back
some prayer to the lord or some dark devils pact
some lie that I could tell
some trick or clever act
would bring you back into my arms
leave you and I intact

and we'd be tied together
the damsel and the track
I'd never tell you what I'd done
and you'd never need to ask
and our lips would press as we tightened
the chains around our necks
is this what love is
do I deserve it
are you the devil
or just a serpent

what does grow in the garden there
the weeds all seem to flower but nobody seems to care
so I sit and eat the dandelions
put daisies in your hair
and we drink sweet wine
and watch the stars shine

now I don't gamble half as much
and I don't drink just to get drunk
and I have dealt with my aggression
and I've cleaned my act up
and I think that I might finally be
the man you thought I was

if you'd just stay with me
then that would give me strength
I think I'd probably
make a full recover
if darling, you'd believe me

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